Coming (really) soon: The Responsive Program

Billions of people access the Internet from devices with all different screen sizes. To assure a good looking usable website on every single one, it's gotta be responsive. The layout and navigation need to change as the screen becomes smaller or bigger in such a way that texts remain readable, images viewable, and buttons and links clickable. And that's where our responsive tools step in to help.

The Responsive Program consists of a series of Apps, Software updates, Books, Templates and Support that help to make the transition. The first two Apps that will be released are listed below. A Responsive Site Designer is in the works. More details about the Apps and Responsive program will follow soon!

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Responsive Layout Maker
This unique app builds website layouts that shift, rearrange, resize and slide depending on the width of the screen. Impress friends, clients, bosses and everybody else with responsive, interactive wireframes. Drag-n-drop your elements, set breakpoints, demo your work, get projects in at a premium price and export custom layout code to build your responsive site.
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Menu Builder
Automagically create cool CSS3 menus that work on any device, from desktops to phones. Add buttons, choose fonts, set backgrounds, add borders, tweak sizes, and more. All through an intuitive, easy to use interface. You can even choose to collapse your menu behind a custom designed button for optimal mobile friendliness!

Exciting times are ahead of us all. Just leave your name and email below, and we will get you exclusive updates, previews, cool surprises and early release notes. Yay!