What's Brewing at CoffeeCup

Take The Pain Out Of Responsive Design

Responsive Layout Maker

It’s the only app for visually developing bullet-proof, production ready, layout designs that adapt to any screen size or device. Fluid grids, content-driven breakpoints, draggable elements, subgrids, viewport slider, clean code with custom classes & IDs, and a lot more!

It’s arrived and you can learn all about it at: HERE

Introducing Our Hot New Brew...

Website Insight
Analyze 70+ factors that improve your website’s usability and search rank.

Ever wonder how the search engines see your sites? No we’re not talking about wearing Google Glasses, but how the search engines interpret your site content. With the brand new Website Insight app you can do just that!

This clever app will crawl through your site pages, collect all content, sift through data, crunch the numbers, and present you with a neutral, comprehensive report. With all data organized you’ll have great insight into your content structure, keyword usage, and potential issues such as broken links or missing (meta) data which are vital for SEO.

Let’s dive right into the exciting features shall we:

  • Get insight in 70+ data points that can improve your site’s usability and visibility.
  • Scan any website you want— even your competitors.
  • Project Management allows you to save your scans and view your progress over time.
  • Analytical Overview to examine data like word count, link counts, and header text.
  • Social Media Stats helpful to see your visibility with popular social networking sites.
  • Keyword Breakdown analyzing word utilization and distribution.
  • Track Issues such as broken links, missing tags, forgotten meta data and alt texts.
  • Visibility Factors checks the use of valid code and design practices.
  • In-Depth Guidance regarding how to fix any potential problems that may be found.
  • Your Site’s Friendliness check factors such as the use of sitemaps and robot txt files.
  • Export to CSV save for further analysis and custom graphing.
  • A handy visibility overview including Google PR and result indicator.
  • Breakdown your page’s core components, view their size and load time impact.
Every website can benefit from detailed overview that this snazzy app produces. Other optimization services and consultants typically charge hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for this type of in-depth data. The price of Website Insight just cannot be beat! It’s truly the perfect tool for SEO awesomeness!


Fresh Brew: HTML Editor 12.8 has arrived.

New and improved HTML Editor including clever color schemes.

A snazzy new version of our award winning HTML Editor has just been released. It’s a small but sweet update packed with a bunch of little fixes and improvements. We are most excited about the nifty new utility called Common Colorbox. While the name says common, there is nothing ordinary about this little gem.

Common Colorbox helps you share your color schemes between the HTML Editor, Sitemapper, Animation Studio and Website Color Schemer instantly. What a huge timesaver! Not sure which hue to choose? The Eyedropper tool will let you pick any color simply by clicking on your screen. Presto! Your color is magically saved and instantly available across your apps. (WOW—how cool is that!)

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Here is the 411 on all the new additions:

New Features:
  1. Common Colorbox syncs with Color Schemer, Animation Studio & Sitemapper.
  2. Open multiple copies of the Editor at the same time. (Perfect for dual screen setups.)
  3. Quickly install all your themes simply by double-clicking on them.
  4. Install a theme into a directory without creating a Website Project first.
Miscellaneous improvements and tweaks:
  1. Improved the Thumbnail Creator to generate the correct dimensions.
  2. Supercharged FTP control with improved sFTP support.
  3. Adjusted the Total Found search count to reflect the true number found.
  4. Fixed Search and Replace tool to work with the copy/cut functions.
  5. Use the Code Completion tool inside of a comment tag.
  6. Custom DPI settings (125% or larger) now supported.
  7. Sweet directory control for the My Websites/My Computer Tab.
  8. Fixed the validation tool to support concurrent connections to prevent errors.
  9. Amended Bookmarks and Insert Image keyboard shortcuts.
  10. Under the Characters Tab, corrected typo for the Latin Diaeresis character.
  11. Removed the Insert CD prompt when the Editor goes into sleep mode.
  12. Delete multiple files off of a remote server without receiving an error message.
Tool Updates:
  1. Fine-tuned entering colors within the Color Schemer RGB color box tab.
  2. Strengthen copy/paste for the HEX box in Color Schemer.
  3. Preserve HTML entities within the code cleaner.

Registered customers may download this update free of charge (you’re welcome) from within your account. If the HTML Editor is not apart of your design tool bag you shouldn’t wait any longer. Head over to our shop and pick up a copy today.
Enjoy the fresh brew everyone!

Web Form Builder Promo Video

Cha-ching - that is the sound of a Web Form collecting your profits. Check out the video the nice people at MacUpdate made, raving about the amazing powers of Web Form Builder. Showcasing the easy to use drag-n-drop interface you can build any form you can dream up. Registration forms, order forms, surveys, accept payments, invitations, applications, contact requests, subscriptions and more.

All forms are entirely HTML5, beautiful, fully functional, customizable, easy to add anywhere, and viewable on any device—wow!

Pick up your copy today for Windows or Mac to get started.


Sitemaps: the near-perfect junction of SEO and usability.
Every site deserves a map — there is simply no way around that. They give visitors an overview of what the site is about , what can be found where, and are an essential usability tool. And since they provide the same function to the search engine spiders, they are beneficial for SEO as well. However, sitemaps are not light to create, customize or maintain.

To create the map you first need to compile an overview of all your site links and make HTML (for visitors) and XML (for search engines) versions. Then you’ll need to add styles to display them for example next to each other or as a list, and otherwise customize them by specifying font sizes, link colors and so on. And when the site changes, you’ll have to so part of that again. So we made Sitemapper!

Sitemapper V6: over 25 new features and enhancements!
Powered by a similar spider as the ones used by the popular search engines such as Google and Bing, Sitemapper is the ultimate tool for crawling and mapping your site. Not only can it create sitemaps, but it also can be used to make sure all your links on your pages work.

Nothing can be worse than giving your customers a 404 when they click a link (and yea, the search engines spiders don’t like that either). With the improved Error Reporting Tool, you will know exactly what links are not working as intended as the website is spidered.

Sitemapper creates HTML and XML maps and error reports in a jiffy. Just type in a website's URL, click Start Scan, and it creates your sitemap and report on the spot.

Easy to create and maintain: customizable sitemaps with a special mobile view.

Over 25 new features and enhancements take Sitemapper to a whole new level. Sitemapper has been helping sites worldwide improve their SEO and usability for years with valuable results. And with it’s newly acquired powers the results the app delivers will simply priceless. Here’s a full rundown of what’s new in V6:

New Functionality:
  1. Live preview: View your sitemap in your browser while customizing the settings.
  2. Layout choices: Choose from a vertical or horizontal based sitemap.
  3. Responsive theme support: Ensures your map looks perfect on any device.
  4. Manual link ordering option: You determine what’s most important.
  5. Theme import feature: Easily add themes to Sitemapper.
  6. Target options: Assign a target value for all links in the sitemap.
  7. Export & layout options: Create a sitemap page or embed in existing pages.
  8. Live preview: View how the map design changes while tweaking your settings.
  9. Setting for maximum URLs allowed: Define how many links Sitemapper should find.
  10. Instant error reporting: Automatically checks all links as it builds your sitemap.
  11. Recently opened list: Quickly open maps you have been working on.
  12. Theme Designer: Customize fonts, colors, and more. (Resource Pack exclusive.)
Sweet Updates:
  1. New user interface that is clean, slick and cool.
  2. Combined settings: All your options bundled in one location.
  3. Streamlined workflow: Every aspect of using Sitemapper has been improved to make creating sitemaps easier.
  4. Better organization: All themes are now stored in the Documents folder.
  5. Yandex sitemaps: You asked for it, so you got it!
  6. Map Output: Added for your convenience to the Page Properties Dialog.
New & Improved:
  1. Misc tweaks to the Scheduler.
  2. Supercharged spidering engine that is faster and more powerful than ever.
  3. Choose to include PDF files within your sitemap index.
  4. Save your custom colors for continued use.
  5. Updated tab orders on all dialogs to move in the correct order.
  6. The map submit button links directly to Google.
  7. Bing submit button links to new URL.
  8. Support for 64-bit systems.
If you don't have Sitemapper, you might miss that one broken link and the chance to improve your search rankings. So...go here to get Sitemapper and the Sitemap Resource Pack (incl. the sitemap handbook, themes, layouts & the design module).

Want to learn more? Then use this link and take it for a spin (if you feel like it).

Be Mappy Happy Everyone!


The answers you’ve been looking for!

Hunters from around the world joined us again to take up challenges and hunt for sweet rewards. Some sharp super sleuths found the right answers immediately!

Others scoured through our site for days and did the happy dance after entering the winning answer. Below we posted an overview of all challenges, the solutions and link to all sources and resources.

Also, all bounty can be snapped up with a 25% disocunt this weekend—enjoy!

Drumroll please...the winning answers to our brain busters are:

Q11: Things that make you go AAhhhh?
Answer: WebColorHandbook
Resource: Check out the Web Color Handbook here and say ‘Ahhh’ to your website.
Get the bounty at 25% off: LockBox with a 50 user license.

Q10: This guy knows how to edit code right on the server. What does he fix?
Answer: Body
Resource: Download the Free FTP to watch him in action.
Get the bounty at 25% off: The powerful Direct FTP for Windows.

Q9: How do we make our turkey?
Answer: 8-bit
Resource: Learn how to get your graphics into an imageless email.
Get the bounty at 25% off: Ecommerce Pro Pack fro Windows.

Q8: What is the word of the year 2012?
Answer: GIF
Resource: Cupid mentioned this when he fell in love with Animation Studio.
Get the bounty at 25% off: The Animation Bundle for Windows.

Q7: When do we celebrate Web Form Builder’s birthday?
Answer: Dec14
Resource: Put your party hat on and read about the celebration here.
Get the bounty at 25% off:The Web Form Builder for Windows.
Get the bounty at 25% off: The Web Form Builder for OS X.

Q6: Only paid S-Drive peeps can brag about how cool this service is.
Answer: Albums
Resource: Create cool HTML 5 Photo Albums and Galleries for a happy website.
Get the bounty at 25% off: Sitemapper V6 for Windows.

Q5: When youre needing a fresh look, you want to be very careful with this file.
Answer: Descriptor
Resource: Prepare a new custom theme for your web forms.
Get the bounty at 25% off: The OS X Bundle.

Q4-1: What kind of food do we @CoffeeCup eat each Friday?
Q4-2: What did the HTML Editor swallow when he was still young?
Answer: ThaiHotDog
Resource: We have a Thai-Friday addiction around here.
Resource: hotdog.com offers some sweet apps. Use HUNT for 25% off. ;)
Get the bounty at 25% off: The Dynamic Duo for Windows.
Get the bounty at 25% off: The Dynamic Duo for OS X.

Q3: What’s the name of the Responsive Theme that comes with Form Builder Lite?
Answer: Default
Resource: Give the Web Form Builder Lite a here. You will love the default theme.
Get the bounty at 25% off: 65 Responsive Web Form Themes.

Q2: What happens when you link to us?
Answer: ItWarmsOurHearts
Resource: It sure does make us smile when you help spread the word.
Get the bounty at 25% off: The Super Pack for Windows.

Q1: What’s the name of the below soon-to-be-released app with two sliders?
Answer: MenuBuilder
Resource: A really close look at the screenshot would have revealed...
Get the bounty at 25% off: The Responsive Pack with Menu Builder for Windows.
Get the bounty at 25% off: The Responsive Pack with Menu Builder for OS X.

So how did you do folks? Were ya close? Well you can still snatch up 25% off any of our great softwarebooks, or themes by entering HUNT at checkout. Enjoy your bounty everyone and we will see you next year for another exciting hunt!


CoffeeCup Easter Word Hunt

If you're seeing this stream post, The Hunt has started. It means you'll have to be fast. HOLD YOUR HORSES, STOP, don't go click happy right away! 

As explained in our email announcement, this year we're not hunting for eggs, we're hunting for words. Below we posted a bunch of prizes with associated challenger questions. If you know or can find the answers, the bounty is yours.

Every challenge has one or two links, follow them to get closer to the associated prize. Then type your answer—your word, don't use spaces—in the coupon box. If the answer is correct, the specified bounty will appear.

You can do this as many times as you like, there's no limit to what you can snap up. Looking for more guidance? Scroll down to the bottom for the Hunt Lowdown or checkout The Hunt Forum for live action. And now:


#1: The Responsive Pack for Windows and OS X
The Editor, Form Builder, The ‘App with two Sliders’, plus 90 Responsive Website and Form Themes.
Yep, you'll be the first one to have the ‘App with two Sliders’ and impress your friends, family, clients, colleagues, and the entire Web World!

The bounty: 1 super fast and smart person will snap it up for just $1.99!
It's an awesome pack so we've made a few more available:
— there are 5 more Responsive Packs to be snatched up for $24.99,
— the next 10 can own all the awesome responsiveness for $69.99,
— 25 people can be future proof for just $99.99,
— the pack remains available for everyone else at $129.99 with the winning code. 

Q: ‘What's the name of the below soon-to-be-released app with two sliders‘?
Hint: Make the most drastic appearance change for a responsive design.
Click here to claim your bounty for Windows and here for OS X.

#2: The Super Pack for Windows
All our award-winning software bundled up in one big pack.

The bounty: The first 5 get all our 28 Windows products for $9.99.
If you're not one of the fast five you can:
— Own it for $69.99 (10 people),
— Get it for $189.99 (25 people),
— Get $50 off until the end of the hunt with the correct answer.

Q: ‘What happens when you link to us‘?
Hint: Did you let us know you did...?
Click here to claim your bounty for Windows.

#3: 65 Responsive Web Form Themes for Windows and OS X
Smart web standards compliant forms that work perfectly across any device.
The bounty: Just $3.99 for the first 5 people that answer the question below.
If you're not one of the fast five keep on trying because you can:
— Own them for $29.99 (50 people),
— Still get them for $79.99 until the hunt stops.

Q: ‘What's the name of the Responsive Theme that comes with Form Builder Lite‘?
Hint: Web Form Builder Lite.
Click here to claim your bounty.

#4: The Dynamic Duo for Windows or OS X
The HTML or Web Editor, together with Web Form Builder for a responsive, dynamic website.

The bounty: The first 5 to enter the correct answer get the duo for $6.99.
If you're (again) not one of the fast five you still have a chance to:
— Own them for $29.99 (15 people), or $49.99 (50 people),
— Snatch them up for $84.99 if you're number 71 or higher.

Fancy — combo-answer!
Q1: ‘What kind of food do we @CoffeeCup eat each Friday‘? (easy-peasy)
Hint: Some of us like it spiced up...
Q2: ‘What did the HTML Editor swallow when he was still young‘? 
Hint: The digital version of a traditional baseball game snack.
Click here to claim your bounty for Windows and here for OS X.

#5: The OS X Bundle (not for Windows, duh!)
The apps that make your Mac rock: Web Editor, Web Form Builder and Web Image Studio.

The bounty: The first 3 get these sweet OS X apps for $1.99! (what?)
If you're not one of the thriving three you can:
— Snatch them up for $12.99 if you're fast (6 people),
— Own them for $24.99 (12 people), or $48.99 (24 people)
— And hey, if you have the answer you can always grab it for $74.99!

Q: ‘When you're needing a fresh look, you want to be very careful with this file‘.
Hint: Why not use the search?
Click here to claim your bounty.

#6: Sitemapper for Windows
Generate and design powerful sitemaps for ultimate SEO and Usability.

The bounty: The first 10 can get Sitemapper for 2 bucks.
If you're not fast enough you can:
— Get it for $6 (20 people),
— Think about it and come back to get Sitemapper for $24.99.

Q: ‘Only paying S-Drive peeps can brag about how cool this service is‘.
Hint: Use Photo Gallery to activate a trial and experience new magic.
Click here to claim your bounty.

#7: Web Form Builder for Windows or OS X
Build unlimited highly effective and flexible forms. Powerful enough to get any job done!

The bounty: The first 3 can walk away with it for —holding breath— $1.39!
Just not fast enough? No sweat, you can also:
— Win it for $4.99 (7 people), or $24.99 (15 lucky ones),
— Get this game changing app for $52.99 during the entire hunt (with correct answer).

Q: ‘When do we celebrate Web Form Builders birthday‘?
Hint: Find it, then use the American date format.
Click here to claim your bounty for Windows and here for OS X.

#8: The Animation Bundle for Windows
Animation Studio, Web Image Studio and 5 graphics packs full of eye catching animations.

The bounty: just $2.88 for the first 4 that get the right answer in.
After that you can still:
— Snatch it all up for $24.99 (32 animators),
— Get it at any time for $49.99!

Q: ‘What is the word of the year 2012‘?
Hint: How else can you make cats fly?
Click here to claim your bounty.

#9: The Ecommerce Pro Pack for Windows
The software pack that makes online entrepreneurship a piece of cake.

The bounty: The first 5 can conquer the web world for $25.
Not fast enough but with entrepreneurial aspirations? Then:
— Get it for $50 (10 people),
— Or snap it up for $149 during the entire hunt (with correct answer).

Q: ‘How do we make our turkey‘?
Hint: Don’t be afraid to travel back in time!
Click here to claim your bounty.

#10: Direct FTP for Windows
The only ftp software with code completion — ‘nuf said!

The bounty: 10 for $1.99, hurry!
You just gotta get this one if you don't have it yet, here's a second chance:
— 25 can get it for $4.99, 50 for $14.99,
— Number 86 and up go for $21.99 (with correct answer).

Q: ‘This guy knows how to edit code right on the server. What does he fix‘?
Hint: This time you can omit the brackets...
Click here to claim your bounty.

#11: LockBox for Windows
Store and Share your Passwords Securely.

The bounty: The first 100 get a 50 user license for just $4.99. Yea!
Just not fast enough? No sweat, you can also:
— Get the 50 user license for $39.99 until the hunt ends (with correct answer).

Q: ‘Things that make you go AAhhhh‘?
Hint: The right pallet can equal success for your website.
Click here to claim your bounty.

The Word Hunt Lowdown:
  • THE Hunt will begin on Sat. Mar 30th at 1pm EDT and will end Tues Apr. 2nd.
  • Click the question link, enter your guess into the coupon code box then view your sweet prize.
  • Don't include any spaces within your answers. (For example, if we asked: What theme did we use for last year's egg hunt? then the correct reply would be: StarWars.)
  • While we encourage everyone to interact within our forums, please no posting codes or sharing answers while still in play.
  • The CAPS lock will not affect your winning answer.


CoffeeCup Easter Hunt 2013

Hey everybody, surprise: We're gonna have a 2013 Easter Hunt — Hip Hip Hooray!

The kickoff will be Saturday March 30, 1pm EST.

Uhm, yea, that's all we can say about that for now. Stay tuned!

S-Drive Maintenance Notice

We’re upgrading our S-Drive infrastructure! Our web services platform is growing so fast that it’s time for the behind-the-scenes server stuff to get a power boost.

Once completed, everything — storage, site, form and shop hosting, as well as photo albums — will run as smooth as ever. While we are making this happen, you won’t be able to connect or publish to S-Drive, nor access the Dashboard. All your content will still be available on the web though.

The infrastructure’s power boost will happen tomorrow morning (March 27th) between 1-4 AM EDT. For a very short period, form submissions may not be processed and products may not be added to shopping carts. We hope this brief pause doesn’t interrupt anything important.

If you’re on a free plan and want to experience the power (photo) Album Design & Hosting, go here to upgrade.

Thanks for helping us make this the most convenient web platform ever!

Psssttt... Use the coupon code 'powerboost' to get 25% off everything we sell for the next 24 hours. A little compensation for the slight inconvenience.

Scott’s decade of awesome customer service!

Web design has changed a lot in the last 10 years, but our friend Scott certainly has not. He is still the same awesome guy cracking jokes and sharing his love of Star Trek & Abba with us.

The man has such a passion for customer service there is hardly a time when he is not online helping sites in need. We question if his 4 kids belong to him because he never leaves his computer. (Full disclosure: they all look totally different too ;))

We’ve been showing him our gratitude (party pics here — just updated!) and high-fiving him all day. Customers have been showing him love and appreciation for years too:

Thank you for your help! I LOVE your support Scott,
you are great!
— Norma Coney
Contribute to the Scott Kids Fund.
He has 4!
Get 25% off everything with coupon SCOTT
— Scott Himself
No one else online would have ever responded this many times this quickly. I feel safe knowing you're right there.
—Patrick Arial
He once did not help a customer, just to see how it feels.
He cried for days.
— The CoffeeCup Team
Thank you for being outstanding!
— George Kennedy
You have excellent customer service. You know you’re job, you’re patient and informative.
— Terri Sturgill
I'm truly impressed by such swift service on a Sunday. Thanks!
— Matthew Power
After he logged in to my server, it upgraded itself while the Internet applauded.
— Al Gore
Thanks for the rocket-fast responses. It’s like some kind of freaky robo response.
— Kevin Burns

Need help with anything? Scott (and his team) will be there for you close to 24/7.
Honor this big guy’s name today and take 25% of everything with coupon code SCOTT.