2022 Year in Review

WOW what an incredible year. We hope you’re safe and well as we enter the new year. Kick back and relax and take a look back at the year and all the epic releases that were made. Level up your design game with handy resources, download web components and templates. Or simply beef up your knowledge by reviewing the tutorials we released over 2022.

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Supercharged Site Designer

The popular app got several great improvements in 2022. The Element Pane now displays new feature indicators and quick options to open style controls. Enhancements to the font system, a fresh code editor dialog, tweaks to the toolbar with direct access to the Page Manager, and more!

New Map Element

Site Designer also gained a new map element! Google Maps does not produce a responsive map automatically. With the new Map element you simply paste in the link to your map and we'll apply the special magic to make it work perfectly on your site. 

Read more about this new element >

Import Custom Fonts

One of the coolest features to be added this year is the ability to smoothly import custom font files and style them on canvas without using extra CSS classes.

Read more about why this is important due to GDPR regulations and follow along with the tutorial to make it happen.

Learn how to use this new font process > Understand how Google Fonts will affect GDPR regulations >
Super Pack

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The Super Pack includes everything we sell. All software programs, all templates, all premium components, plus a year of web space with an SSL certificate. Normally this bundle sells for $199 but today you can own it all for just $99.

This deal includes our popular Site Designer app and all the stellar templates and components.

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Color your code with the latest HTML Editor.

The rockstar of our collection, the HTML Editor, also saw gains this year. Tons of great color options were added. Take it easy on your eyes by using the new Dark Mode Highlighting Color Schemes. We also added a PHP Syntax checker which has been a highly requested feature.

The CoffeeCup HTML Editor Version 18 also brings more user interface color improvements, additional productivity features, along with some miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes.

Review extensive Change Log >

Get Free Resources!

Over the year our design team has been whipping up tons of epic website templates for the Site Designer and HTML Editor. Designs range from business focused to personal portfolios and everything in between.

The prebuilt web components have also been a hit! Load these babies into your Site Designer and tweak them to fit your custom content. They take the guess work out of your project. Just plug them in and they are ready to go!

Guide To Publishing - Take Your First Steps.

Get your website tools, craft your masterpiece, and get yourself online fast. Using these first steps will guide you on the process so you'll know exactly what to do.