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Web Form Builder 2.1: Pop Up Your Forms

Web Form Builder 2.0 is a huge success! However, we still have a long list of suggestions and ideas that will make this awesome app even better. After the release of V2 we started on some stuff that didn’t quite make the release, including one the most requested features ever: Pop-up forms.

Make sure your form is seen by popping it up one of two ways: Automatically (you can set a delay), or when clicking a button, text link, or anything else.

Plus, you can now preview your forms using any browser installed on your computer. This is great for checking the way your form looks in multiple browsers. But there are so many more features! Here's the full list of what's new in 2.1:


  • Ability to preview forms using any installed browsers
  • Export forms using a Colorbox (pop-up forms over a webpage)
  • New General tab for setting global form options
  • Form Name option (so the form isn’t always referred to by its file name)
  • Cancel button to preview dialog
  • Time zone settings
  • Contextual alerts in the Email Notices tab that give informative warnings if something is incorrect


  • Header, logo, footer, and submit button each have their own element
  • Captcha is now a form element
  • “Allowed File Types” in the Upload File element can now begin with a “.”
  • Most recently used project is placed at the top of the Open Recent list
  • Support for MailChimp Fancy Forms
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Chrome’s date picker no longer overrides the Web Form Builder calendar
  • When using multiple Upload File elements “Attach to Email” checked, all attachments will now arrive even when payments are enabled
  • Uppercase or mixed-case characters in the “Name” field now properly log to databases
  • Images with a space in the file name no longer prevent forms from publishing
  • The MailChimp settings “Refresh” button no longer resets all settings
  • Decimal places are now properly positioned when payments are enabled
  • Miscellaneous fixes for better stability

Most of the bugs that we'd seen in previous WFB releases have been worked out, so you can enjoy maximum stability. Anything else you'd like to see in Web Form Builder? Please let us know!

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