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Fresh Updates!

latest updates site on coffeecup site designer


The latest on Site Designer.

You can now generate sitemap.xml and robots.txt files automatically from within the program preferences. These are essential files that can help search engines better understand your particular website and index it correctly.

Additional options for working with PHP scripts have also been added. Paste PHP in code replacer controls, and create PHP files from the resources dialog.

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html editor new update


HTML Editor Update.

Working on that fancy wide screen monitor? We gotchu! A new HTML Editor build is here that gives a power-boost to your design workflow and options to customize the interface.

Access large toolbar preferences to make designing on high resolution screens easier. You’ll also unlock fresh quick find actions, along with a long list of miscellaneous tweaks and enhancements.

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The Super Pack is on Sale Now.

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We like to call it the “everything pack” because it includes everything we sell — every app, every web component, all premium templates, plus hosting, and a domain name.

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Tutorials & Tech Articles

custom email address


Get a custom email address to match your domain.

CoffeeCup S-Drive is a wonderful service for testing your content in a live environment or as a full time home for your website. If you need an email address, Google Workspace has got you covered! They can supply you with a professional email address that matches your domain.

We broke down the steps to get set up so you'll know exactly what to do to get your mail rolling in.

Learn about Google Workspace
coffeecup custom code menu


Get a custom code menu.

The power of the HTML Element within Site Designer v5 is tremendous. You’re able to effortlessly inject your custom scripts to enrich your site. The code dialogs provide a nice workflow for writing and customizing your HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts.

To demonstrate this, we whipped up a killer, interactive navigation menu. We’ll explain how to use Site Designer’s code dialogs to tailor it for your unique content.

google chrome lighthouse tutorial


Use Lighthouse to improve your website's performance.

Improve your website's quality and performance by running an audit with Google Chrome's Lighthouse. This free tool runs a series of tests and provides not only a score, but pretty specific feedback regarding performance, accessibility, SEO, etc. It is wonderful for identifying areas that may need tweaking so you may provide a friendlier user experience.

Read how Lighthouse can help you
working with reset control


Working with the Reset Control.

Tidy up your project’s final code and keep things running fast using the Reset Control. This function helps your project code stay lean and clean.

Adding this to your workflow means you will free your CSS file from bloating up with unused styles and improve your website’s overall performance.

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