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Fresh Updates!

latest updates site on coffeecup site designer


The latest on Site Designer.

Enjoy two great improvements to Site Designer’s Element Tree. Within the list of page elements, you can now view container tag names. We also added indicators to elements that have data attributes associated with them. Click on the indicator to launch the Element pane where you can manage the element’s data attribute information.

We also added a new map element! More details about that below!

More about this new version
html editor new update


Unlock tons of phenomenal new features with the HTML Editor V18.

Take it easy on your eyes by using the new Dark Mode Highlighting Color Schemes. We also added a PHP Syntax checker which has been a highly requested feature.

The CoffeeCup HTML Editor Version 18 also brings more user interface color improvements, additional productivity features, along with some miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes.

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Tutorials & Tech Articles

Google Maps


Add Google Maps to your site responsively with the Map Element.

Google Maps can drive business right to your front door by providing your address, directions and landmarks for your customers to find you. But Google does not provide a responsive map code!

Good news for you, we made it easy to grab your destination and inject it into your web projects in just a few quick clicks. Check out the tutorial below for all the details.

Learn about the new map element
Architek Real Estate Template


Learn how to add a fun, interactive slider to your website.

Sliders and photo carousels are ultra popular web design trends. They help create a positive first impression, relay tons of information fast, plus they look great and are fun to engage with.

In the Architek website template, this type of full page photo gallery is featured. We break down how you edit this component visually using Site Designer. Want to add this feature to your existing Site Designer project? We’ll show you how you can save it to your Component Library to reuse it!

Mega Menu

MOVIN' and Shakin'

Learn how to customize a navigation menu component.

Help your audience find what they are looking for using this complimentary navigation menu component. This Mega Menu features a drop down menu with additional links and a stunning hero heading. It provides a great way to display directions around your website.

Import it into your project and customize it to fit your needs. We even whipped up a helpful tutorial to explain how you would add this menu to your site, alter text and appearance, add additional menu options, and more.

Free Template


Fire up your business using the fresh Firefile website template

Promote your company and sell your content using this new 2 page template for the Site Designer and HTML Editor. Featuring bold, colorful images and typography against a dark background makes your content stand out.

The collapsible navigation menu includes a handy second drop down menu for additional linking sections.